Sunday, December 3, 2023


Video: Delhi Police Crack Down on pro-Palestinian Protest

On October 23, dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters were detained by Delhi Police for attempting to gather outside the Israeli embassy calling for an end to massacres in Gaza. Student...

Video from Gaza: ‘Free world, where are you?’

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has released a video showing the director of the Gaza European Hospital, Youssef al-Akkad, sending a message to the world with bodies of six infants killed in Israeli bombing in front of him.

They made me a story: Rana Ayyub on media suppression, Muslim assertion in Modi’s India

Acclaimed journalist and author Rana Ayyub speaks to Maktoob about how she became the "story and storyteller" of the current India.

Video: Watch Messi’s last-minute debut goal for Inter Miami

"The Messi experience has arrived," Major League Soccer tweeted as Lionel Messi scored on a free kick from...

‘Hindutva Pandemic’ documentary exposes right wing ideology’s role in Leicester unrest

A recently released documentary from Maktoob Originals, titled 'Hindutva Pandemic,' exposes the role of Hindutva in inciting the 2022 unrest in the city of Leicester, UK.

Video | A letter poem to Professor Hany Babu

Hany Babu's student at Delhi University and an academic publishing professional Shivangi Mariam Raj wrote this poem "Dear Hany, This is just to say" in November last year, four months Hany's arrest by NIA.

Video | We are not afraid, we are extremely angry: Muslim women on ‘Sulli Deals’

Afreen Fathima, Ladeeda Farzana and Nabiya Khan, the Muslim women activists who gave police complaints against hate crime targeting them, said that they are extremely angry and not afraid.
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We have witnessed undignified deaths: RJD’s Manoj Jha in Rajya Sabha

In an eight minute powerful speech in the Rajya Sabha on 20 July, RJD MP Professor Manoj Jha said that those who lost their lives in the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic have left behind a “living document of our failure”.

My father is framed by UP police, says daughter of jailed Muslim scholar Umar Gautam

The daughter of jailed Muslim scholar, Mohammed Umar Gautam, defended the innocence of her father refuting the claims of investigation agencies and media. Speaking to Maktoob, she said the accusations are false and her father only exercised his constitutional rights.
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“There are still marks of our father’s blood…” say children who saw UP police killing their father

On 23 May, Mohammed Aqeel Qureshi, a 42 year old meat seller from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh was resting with his wife and children on the terrace when police raided his house to book him in a cow-slaughter case. Police tried to extort money from Qureshi but ended in holding his collar, knocking a pistol butt on his head and throwing him off the terrace. His two daughters and wife were the eyewitnesses.

Video | “Farm laws will kill us, Corona might not,” say protesters

On Wednesday, Farmers observed 'Resistance day' to mark six months of Farmers protest at Delhi borders. Indian farmers are protesting against the new farm laws that would undermine the autonomy of farmers. The new laws would create monopolies in the grain markets and trap farmers into contract farming arrangements with corporate buyers.
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Video | Is Lakshadweep becoming an occupied island?

I am talking about Lakshadweep and its current administrator, Praful K Patel. Since his entry, he has been introducing draconian and ridiculously fascist laws that have the tendency to disrupt, displace and even end the life of the people of Lakshadweep.

Urdu under Hindutva rule: Dr Rizwan Ahmad says ‘languages are proxy for people’

Hindu nationalists, since the late 19th century, have projected Urdu as a foreign language. This over a century-long political and cultural campaign has led to the marginalization of Urdu...
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Nakba, Gaza and the unkind world; former Gaza govt spokesperson Isra Al Modallal speaks to Maktoob

Isra Al Modallal's family and daughter are in Gaza, where Israel is showering bomb. On 15 May, the day Palestinians commemorate the brutal ethnic cleansing as a result of installing the state of Israel in Palestinian land, Modallal speaks to Maktoob.

Video | A Sikh Gurudwara aids Delhi’s COVID-19 patients battling for breath

Prominent Sikh aid group Khalsa Help International has been providing small quantities of oxygen to critically ill COVID-19 patients.
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COVID deaths | Visuals from Old Seemapuri cremation ground

Rising number of COVID-19 deaths 380 were recorded in Delhi on Monday has left crematoriums in capital city urgent need of space.

Watch: Mumbai railway official risked his life to save a child from being run over by a train

Mayur Shelkhe, who works as a pointsman with the Central Railway Mumbai division, risked his life to save a child from being run over by a train at Vangani railway station. The incident took place around 5 pm on 17 April
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