Monday, May 27, 2024

Telangana: BJP candidate intimidates niqab-clad female voters and staff at polling booth

BJP MP candidate Dharmapuri Arvind heckled Muslim women voters who came to vote wearing Niqab at a polling booth in Nizamabad constituency.

In a video that went viral, it can be seen that while the women were casting their votes at the polling booth, he went inside and got into an argument with them.

Arvind, the incumbent MP of Nizamabad, shouted at the staff present there and asked if the Muslim women who came to vote were allowed to vote without comparing their faces and ID cards.

After the video got widely circulated, many questioned Arvind’s misconduct and unwanted involvement while there were female polling agents to take care of the matter.

This comes at a time when a case was registered against Hyderabad BJP MP candidate Madhav Latha for meddling in the polling process by lifting the veil of burqa-clad Muslim women voters to check their identity at a polling booth in Malakpet.


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