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Was it a Script ? Video of Killing 8 SIMI Members Raises Questions

Madhya Pradesh police’s ‘Encounter’ killing of the eight youths who jumped prison on Sunday night has snowballed into a controversy with questions being raised on the veracity of police claims.The mobile phone video purportedly taken by a villager at the encounter site showed  the youths lying on the ground almost bunched together with police personnel firing a shot to make sure all of them are dead. No guns were spotted near them in the video, though a policeman is seen pulling out a knife from one of the bodies.

The suspects were killed after they escaped the from the Bhopal Central Jail, killing a security guard, reported The Indian Express and all national dailies.  The eight SIMI activists were identified as Amzad, Zakir Hussain Sadiq, Mohammad Salik, Mujeeb Shaikh, Mehbood Guddu, Mohammad Kalid Ahmed, Aqeel and Majid.The Bhopal Central Jail is known to be one of the safest prisons in Madhya Pradesh.The jail superintendent was among four officials suspended by the Madhya Pradesh government. Aam Admi , CPI-M’ and Congress have demanded an inquiry into the incident.



“Therefore, to get to the truth, it is essential to have an independent probe under a high court judge and should be time-bound because nobody can believe what seems to be a highly manufactured version. those killed were under-trials and dubbing them as terrorists amounted to “subverting the law”

@CPI-M’s Brinda Karat said , reported by CNN-News18.

” Why isnt anyone raising a stink over the extra judicial murder of the eight alleged SIMI undertrials . Encounter, really ? So all eight undertrials manage to run from a high security jail & huddle together in the woods . Armed with spoons and plates you see. And to think the eight ‘undertrials’ were referred to as ‘terrorists’ by news channels who managed to run from one of the most high security jails in the country . Gujarat model of governance returns to the Vyapam tainted Madhya Pradesh.

@Rana ayyub

” Another first! The first ever planned jailbreak where the escapees stick together for 10 hours after breaking free. Nice script. Quite original.’

@Sanjiv Bhatt

”Ok someone can stab a guard with a spoon in jail. but you can attack armed police with spoons while on the run?”

@Austin Fernandes

”Forget everything else: 8 suspected terror operatives escaped armed guards at high-security prison with the help of spoons and plates?”

Rahul Pandita



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