14-year-old Kerala student creates his own robot, names it Raspy

The 14-year-old Kerala boy Zidan Shanas has created a robot named Raspy which is tall as him, following an extensive research for about a year.

Motor, batteries, and automated machines always fascinated young Zidan, says New Indian Express.

“My mother got me a solar-run toy when I was nine. After I got bored with it, I broke it down. Using its batteries and motors, I made a car on my own,” recalls Zidan while speaking to the daily.

Zidan is a native of Adoor town and a is a class IX student of Kendra Vidyalaya in Adoor.

“I used to make battery or motor ridden devices. So, I wanted to utilise my programming knowledge for Raspy. For physical movement, I used C programming and an advanced form of Python,” says Zidan.

The young talent said that he was Inspired by ‘Atlas’ a robot built by the Boston Dynamic company.

“If we type F on the app, the robot will move forward. It would go backwards by typing B,” Zidan said while describing about the robot.

Zidan says Raspy can have normal conversations, answer general knowledge questions and even give descriptive answers when asked.

“If you add ‘what is’ or ‘search for’ before the question, it gives descriptive results,” he said to TNIE.

Raspy which moves according to voice command, can use the internet in the background and in seconds, it can respond to any query, he said.

The robot can move at two to three km per hour speed for two hours straight.