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Muslim man beaten to death in UP on suspicion of theft; two arrested

On 20 March in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, a mob falsely suspected 32-year-old Amjad, a Muslim man, of car theft and brutally beat him to death.

Amjad, who was mentally disturbed, was roaming around in search of his wife near a Tata Punch car in front of Chaudhary Petrol of Police Station Civil Line area at around 10 PM on Sunday, 19 April.

Eyewitnesses claim that Amjad kept his hand near the car of a young man who had come to celebrate a birthday party in a hotel located near the incident site, and was gazing inside it. The car owner, Saurabh, and his companions started beating Amjad mercilessly, labelling him as a thief. The people around also thrashed him severely, and in a dying condition, they took him to the civil line police station.

However, the police personnel present in the police station did not pay heed to Amjad’s condition calling him as a thief.

When Amjad’s condition started deteriorating, the Civil Line Police Station got him admitted to the hospital, where he later died due to severe injuries to his lungs on Monday, 20 April.

In the post-mortem report, a deep injury was found in Amjad’s lungs, which caused his death.

On the basis of the Tahrir of the victim’s relatives, the car owner Saurabh and his father Brijesh Singh were arrested after registering a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. They were sent to jail.

The mother of the deceased, Munni Begum, told reporters that there was some talk with her son Amjad’s wife, and she had gone to her maternal home in Auraiya on Saturday, due to which Amjad’s mental condition deteriorated, and he was looking for his wife in a state of intoxication. But the car owners beat him so much that he died, labelling him as a thief.

SSP Sanjay Kumar Verma, while confirming the incident, said that a case has been registered, and two people have been arrested and sent to jail.

The deceased Amjad used to take care of the family by selling biryani, and with his untimely demise, his wife and 5-year-old son are left with an uncertain future.


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