Agnipath: 1,238 protesters arrested across India

At least 1238 persons were arrested following the nationwide protest in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Telangana against the Union government’s new proposed Aginath scheme.

The police have arrested 1,238 persons in all – 805 in Bihar, 387 in Uttar Pradesh, and 46 in Telangana’s Secunderabad.

The scheme which offers temporary recruitment to the armed forces without any further benefits raged the Indian youth.

The protesters demand to bring back the regular recruitment process which includes all the benefits including the pension.

The violent mob caused severe damage to railway property, obstructed train lines, and stoned passengers in a range of locations.

Since 15 June, 60 train coaches have been torched in Bihar, and property worth Rs 700 crore has already been damaged. Additional Chief Home Secretary Chaitanya Prasad said that those targeting public property will not be spared. “District police have been directed to pick up the trouble mongers,” he added.

In Telangana, Superintendent of Police B Anuradha claimed that several protesters were told by coaching centres to protest at railway stations to draw the Union government’s attention.

The protests were organised through WhatsApp groups on June 16, Anuradha alleged. “The WhatsApp groups were named Railway Station Block, Hakimpet Army Soldiers, Chalo Secunderabad ARO 3, Indian Army, Army GD 2021 March rally, CEC Soldiers and Soldiers To Die,” she said.