Friday, June 14, 2024

As Pawan Khera arrested for ‘Narendra Gautamdas Modi’ remark, tweeple share Modi’s ‘Maun Mohan Singh’ video

While the BJP is attacking Congress and commending Pawan Khera’s arrest over ‘Narendra Gautamdas Modi’ remarks , many took to social media to share an old video of Narendra Modi referring to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as “Maun Mohan Singh.”

In October 2012, while poll campaigining in Himachal Pradesh, Narendra Modi had said Manmohan Singh is “maun (silent) Mohan Singh.”

Sharing Modi’s old video, many claim this exposes the BJP’s and PM Modi’s hypocrisy.

Pawan Khera, a spokesperson for Congress, was apprehended at the Delhi airport today for allegedly insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and was granted bail by Supreme Court of India.

Khera’s remarks at a recent press conference led to his arrest, during which he inadvertently misspoke PM Modi’s name while demanding an investigation into the Adani-Hindenburg controversy. “If Narasimha Rao could form a JPC, if Atal Bihari Vajpayee could form a JPC, then what problem does Narendra Gautam Das…sorry Damodardas…Modi have?” he said.

Congress has contended in the Supreme Court that it was a “slip of the tongue,” and Khera has already apologized.


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