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At least people drink your tea, nobody drinks our tea: Kharge over PM Modi’s ’I am poor’ campaign

Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge on Sunday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him the “leader of lies”. The Congress leader accused the saffron party and its top leaders of resorting to lies to gain the sympathy of the people.

“A person like you (PM Modi) claims to be poor. I am also poor, I am one of the untouchables. People drank your tea, nobody would’ve had my tea. Then you say that you are poor and somebody abuses you. If you say it for sympathy then people have become smarter now. If you lie once or twice people will hear, but how many times will you lie? He’s the leader of lies…” Kharge said in election rally in Dediapada in Narmada district in Gujarat.

The Prime Minister earlier said the Congress leaders are “mai-baap (masters)” and he is only a “sevak (servant)”.

Kharge said PM Modi worked for the rich and the powerful and projected his humble origins to fool the people.

Kharge went on to say: “You are snatching the land from the poor to be given to industrialists. You work for the rich. Your people are looting this country. Around 135 people earned Rs 30 lakh crore while 84 per cent people became poorer in one year. And you say you are poor. Gujarat is the worst in children’s malnutrition and Adani-Ambani are getting fatter in your regime. You don’t have time to think of children, you can’t give jobs to youth.”

The assembly elections in Gujarat are scheduled to be held in two phases – on December 1 and 5. The results will be declared on December 8.


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