Bihar: Muslim girl burnt alive, mother protests police inaction

Picture Courtesy: Twitter

Twitter on Monday, woke with trending Hashtag JusticeforGulnaz after a mother in Vaishali district of Bihar protested police inaction with the mortal remains of an acid attack victim. Gulnaz, a Muslim girl was burnt alive and thrown into a well by two right-wing men earlier this month.

“They threw kerosene oil on her and burnt her alive on the road. The boy’s name is Satish Kumar Rai,” victim’s mother says in a video posted online.

Even though the girl named the perpetrators in her testimony before succumbed to injuries, no action has been taken by the police. Bihar recently has been in the mainstream with state assembly election but little coverage has fallen on the barbaric act.

“Another boy named Chandan Kumar Rai and his father’s name is Vijay Rai”, mother told local media.

The incident happened when the girl was walking on a newly paved road. According to her mother, the attackers were eve-teasing Gulnaz when she reacted by asking them to stop making comments. outraged by the girl’s reaction, Satish Kumar and Chandan Kumar burnt the girl alive and threw her into the nearby well.

“Right now, we want Justice; it has been 17 days and we there has been no progress. We filed an F.I.R. but it was not considered, there’s been no hearing. We are helpless, we have no one; I stitch clothes and through that only I have been supporting my children, my girl also used to stitch clothes.”

“My girl simply said that please don’t say anything to us, the boy said that he has bought the road and I will do this and now a murder will happen and for this, they burnt my girl alive. Only four months were left for her marriage.”

More details about the case awaiting.