Monday, April 22, 2024

Bihar Police is terrorising Muslims, says Tejashwi Yadav

Bihar opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav have accused the Bihar police of ‘Terrorising Muslims’.

Former Bihar deputy CM has now taken to twitter against the Nitish Kumar government. He says that Nitish Kumar is terrorising Muslims and vandalising public properties during the anti-CAA protests.

He tweeted a news report in Firstpot and he has used the report to target the JDU-BJP government.

Tejashwi claims that the Bihar Police is only targeting Muslims.

The police has even told residents, ‘You want azaadi? Wait, we’ll give you azaadi’,”, Tejashwi said.

In Bihar’s Aurangabad, police raid Muslim households to ‘quell’ CAA unrest, alter age of minors in FIR to identify them as adults, Firstpost reported.

The police have seized 23 mobile phones from 22 of the arrested people. Police claims that the arrested people were part of a WhatsApp group called Aawaz do humko.

A muslim youth according to the FIR, is 28. But his board examination certificate shows his date of birth as 6 February, 2003, Firstpost reports.

The same happened in many cases. Another protester, is 12, as per his school certificate. In the FIR, his age is noted to be 19.

There are reports that the police forcibly entered the house of 20-year-old student Khurshida Khatoon, a resident of Pathan Toli in Aurangabad and threatened to shoot them. They also vandalised everything, opened the cupboards and broke door and damaged my scooty,” she told media.

“Bihar’s infamous, incapable turncoat CM Nitish Kumar’s deafening silence is encouraging violence. Even an ordinary person now believes that he is not a person rather a puppet of divisive & poisonous organisation and party like RSS/BJP. He must fulfill his constitutional duties, Tejashwi Yadav said in another tweet.


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