BJP is Bharat Jalao Party: Lalu, Tejashwi calls it ‘Badka Jhoota Party’

Describing the Bharatiya Janata Party as ‘Bharat Jalao Party’ (party that puts India on fire) veteran socialist leader and RJD supremo Lalu Prasad on Monday accused the BJP of communalising the society and trying to make every thing a Hindu-Muslim issue while the people are witnessing back-breaking price rise and unemployment.

Lalu’s son and Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav described the BJP as ‘Badka Jhoota Party’ (a big liar party).

Tejashwi accused the saffron party of dividing the society on communal lines to divert people’s attention from real issues like unemployment, price rise, education and health.

Both were addressing RJD convention, a day after former Bihar CM Lalu was elected president for the 12th time.

“The whole country has now understood that the Modi government has to be overthrown. That is why the parties should come along with Congress for a united fight. All should come under one umbrella. People will not forgive those who do not join this. I will devote my full time in this fight,” Lalu said.

Referring to the ‘Mandal versus Kamandal’ politics of the 1990s, the country’s tallest politician said the BJP has been against social justice and reservation for marginalised sections. He claimed that the BJP was forced to accept reservation for OBCs even though leaders like him were accused of fuelling casteism.

Referring to BJP MP Parvesh Verma’s Islamophobic remarks calling for a boycott of Muslims, he said, “what kind of mindset is this? Somebody tell these BJP members that most of our oil comes from Muslim countries. Will you stop it.”