Bulli Bai ‘mastermind’: 20-year-old arrested by Delhi Police in Assam

The Delhi Police on Thursday arrested a 20-year-old Neeraj Bishnoi from Assam, who is allegedly the mastermind behind the ‘Bulli Bai‘– a GitHub app targeting hundreds of Muslim women.

This is the fourth arrest in the cases related to Islamophobic and sexist app and the first arrest made by the Delhi Police in the case.

Earlier in the week, the Mumbai Police arrested three accused – two from Uttarakhand Mayank Rawal (21), and Shweta Singh (19) and one from Bengaluru Vishal Kumar Jha (21)– in connection with the Bulli Bai case.

Neeraj who hails from Jorhat in Assam, is a 2nd year engineering student of Vellore Institute of Technology, Bhopal.

The arrest was made by Delhi Police’s Intelligence Fusion & Strategic Operations Unit (IFSO).

“The main conspirator and creator of Bulli Bai on GitHub and the main Twittter account holder of Bulli Bai arrested by IFSO. Team will reach Delhi airport at 3:30 pm,” read an official statement.

Nearly six months after the ‘Sulli Deals‘ where photographs of more than 80 Muslim women put up for sale by right-wing Hindus, asserting anti-Muslim hatred and selective sexism, photos of hundreds of Muslim women were uploaded by an unidentified group on an app using GitHub – by the name of ‘Bulli Bai’ – on 1 January 2022.