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‘Targeted because we are Muslims,’ Bijnor families accuse police of destroying homes, harassing women and threatening children

Photo: The Scroll In

Amid police violence across Uttar Pradesh over Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests, families in Nehtaur, a Muslim majority town in UP’ Bijnor district allege that the police has been destroying their homes, stealing money, harassing women and threatening children.

The police has been behaving inhumanly and brutally to disclose the location of male members of our families, women allege.

“We are being targeted because we are Muslims. policemen come to our homes asking about the men in our family. If we tell them that we are not aware, they abuse us, harass the women and threaten the children.” a family member told India Today TV.

Photo: Munish Pandey/India Today

Many Muslim families have abandoned their homes over the fear of police violence.

According to India Today report, at least ten families have left their homes over fear of police brutality.

Mehmooda Khatun and her daughter Nishad Parveen told Scroll In that the police stole their savings before taking away their brother.

Even if they wanted to take away my brother, why destroy our house, why steal our money?” Nishad Parveen asks.

Nehtaur has reported the highest casualties in police violence across in India ever since nationwide protests against CAA erupted this month, Scroll In confirms.

Two Muslim youth killed of bullet injuries and two are still battling for life.

Anas Hussain, 21, and Mohammed Suleiman, 20, were killed in police firing in Nehtaur.

“They aren’t police officers. They are terrorists,” Suleiman’s older sister Sheeba said while talking with the reporter of The Print.

“He went out only to buy some milk. He had nothing to do with the protests,” Anas’ father Arshad Hussain told The Print.

24 people had been killed in police violence during protests across the country – 17 of them in Uttar Pradesh.


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