Calcutta HC orders probe into corrupt practice in hiring primary school teachers

The Calcutta High Court ordered the CBI to look into a case contesting corrupt practices in primary teacher recruitment in the state on Wednesday.

The court directed the central agency to submit their report in a closed envelope on June 15, reported Live Law.

A petition accusing ‘serious corrupt practice’ was moved in court naming Chandan Mondal as the prime suspect. He was accused of selling primary school teacher positions for money by the former additional director of CBI, Upendra Nath Biswas IPS. Mondal was also accused of being hands-in-glove with Ministers of the Education Department of Government of West Bengal.

The court has granted CBI every power to call and interrogate the accused Chandan Mondal.

Additionally, the court also instructed the former State Minister Upendra Nath Biswas to fully cooperate with the CBI to expose the scam of selling jobs as has been alleged.