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Caste based reservation is under danger: Tejashwi Yadav

The 10% quota to the economically backward among the upper castes is the first step to end caste-based reservations, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said on Tuesday.

“They are using this 10 percent reservation as a thermometer to check our reaction.Their BJP leaders like Giriraj Singh want to send those who oppose them to Pakistan. Giriraj Singh must understand ,this country is not his father’s property. Lalu Prasad yadav is still in jail because he didn’t yield to them. We must not back off from this fight even if have to face bullets,” the leader of the opposition in Bihar assembly said.

He was speaking at the National Convention on Social Justice, organised at Constitution Club by Samvidhan against EWS Quota among upper castes and the 13 point Roster which removes the constitutional reservation for SC ST OBCs in University appointments.

Taking a swipe at the Dalit and OBCs members of Parliament across parties, Mr. Yadav said none of them had protested.

“The government is trying to silence medias across the country. Amit shah is like the owner of all the media houses  in this nation. If a journalist reports a news against BJP they get a call from the Prime Ministers Office directly, like they will have to either compromise or quit their job.” RJD leader said.

We all know who is trying to break the institutions of this nation.They are followers of Golwalker and Godse. They are proponents of Manuvad which is why they are oppressing Dalits, Adivasis and other backward communities.They are trying to divide our country.If we want to save it ,we must kick them out from getting  power again.In 2014 elections Lalu Prasad yadav campaigned against BJP by visiting people at their home with a copy of vichardara.

Tejashwi Yadav said.

“I am here with the consent of Delhi CM Aravind kejrival and Aam Admi Party . I assure you 100 percent support for the fight against 10 percent upper caste reservation in both Rajya Sabha and lock Sabha. Mainstream political parties don’t permit their MPs and MLAs from SC,ST,OBC communities to stand up for their respective communities in parliament. ”
Rajendra Pal Goutham, Delhi Minister of Water, Tourist , Arts and Language said in the convention.

“We should gherao such politicians who don’t talk for their community in the streets. ” AAP leader said.

“Sangh Pariwar is trying to reduce Muslims to a minority group. Muslims couldn’t get out of this definition either. But we must break it. OBC,SC,ST, Muslims and all other groups must find a common platform against them.” Ali anwar, LJD leader and former MP, Rajya Sabha said.

Justice Eshwaraiah, former Chairman of the Backward Classes Commission said the legislation was akin to Constitutional rape.

“I am happy that oppressed communities are united against the government policy. To give ten percent reservation for forward communities on economic basis is like raping our constitution. Through destroying the basic structure of the constitution they are normalizing the discrimination faced by oppressed people in this country . Also the new amendment violates the basic right to equality in Constitution. I am of the opinion that we should criticise judges who supports economic reservation but it will be contempt of court. Sad reality is parties like BSP and SP didn’t take a stand against the reservation policy like RJD did. I appreciate muslim political parties like Indian Union Muslim league (IUML) who stood against economic reservation,” Justice Eshwaraiah said.

”We will not compromise in this fight even if we didn’t get a single seat in loksabha elections. BJP is using Manusmrithi and Vichardara as guidelines for them. Even MPs of BJP who belongs to SC ST OBC categories came and met me personally after my speech in parliament and told me I was right. I asked them why didn’t they talk against it then.” RJD leader and Rajya Sabha member Manoj Jha said.

“Reservation is a matter of our representation to make space for socially excluded. There is genuine apprehension that it is the first step to change the Constitution,” Dalit leader and Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mewani pointed.

Report : Noufal Arladka and Muhammed Hisham


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