Friday, December 8, 2023

Congress is sure to win minimum of 20 seats in Karnataka in 2024: CM Siddaramaiah

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Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Thursday said that the Congress was bound to win a minimum of 20 of the total 28 Lok Sabha polls in Karnataka.

“The BJP is heavily dependent on Modi. But Modi’s popularity too has started declining after the Karnataka Assembly elections. In fact, people have rejected the BJP and elected the Congress candidates with huge margins in all the places visited by Modi for the Assembly poll campaign,”Siddaramaiah said while replying to the debate on State Budget in the Assembly.

“Narendra Modi is being described as Vishwa Guru by the BJP. But is it befitting on the part of the Vishwa Guru to inordinately delay the appointment of Leader of the Opposition?” he said.

This the first time in his political career of over 40 years that the Budget had been presented and the Governor’s address delivered without a Leader of the Opposition, he said.

He termed this as an indication of political bankruptcy of the BJP.

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