Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Country is with you: Punjab CM to protesting farmers in Delhi

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday to accept the farmers’ demands, saying the new farm laws were “completely wrong”.

“The farm laws are completely wrong as they are against federalism since agriculture is a state subject under Schedule 7 of the Constitution,” said Singh after unfurling the national flag in Patiala at Raja Bhalindra Singh Sports Complex.

Punjab CM also appealed to Modi to fulfil the demands of the protesting farmers, who are sitting at Delhi’s borders for the past two months.

“Be peaceful and the country is with you,” Singh told farmers who protest in Delhi.

“The sight of your (farmers’) tractors on Delhi roads on Tuesday will underline the fact that the ethos of the Indian Constitution and the essence of our Republic is inalienable and uncompromisable,” he said, adding that farmers’ battle “will always remind us of this truth, and it will always help us remember (lest we forget) that the principles on which stands the edifice of the India we know, and our forefathers strove to build, cannot be destroyed on the whims of a few.”

Singh alleged that the Narendra Modi government had deliberately kept Punjab out of the high-powered committee initially as they knew that the voices of protest would rise from here, adding that “these voices will continue to rise” till the farmers’ interests were secured.

He also lamented that he never thought he would see a day when Punjab’s farmers, who had made the nation self-sufficient in food by ushering in the green revolution, would be forgotten in this manner.


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