India airlifts Oxygen tankers from Singapore

Indian Air Force’s aircraft on Saturday arrived at Singapore to airlift high capacity oxygen tankers to India due to the oxygen crisis.

Ministry of Home Affairs is coordinating lifting of high capacity tankers from abroad by IAF aircrafts.

IAF’s C-17 aircraft arrived at Singapore’s Changi International Airport today to load 4 containers of cryogenic oxygen tanks.

The aircraft will offload these containers at Panagarh airbase by today evening, ANI reported.

On Friday, the Defence Ministry said it will airlift 23 mobile oxygen generating plants from Germany to India to meet the demands of the hospitals, PTI reported.

Each plant will have a capacity to produce 40 litres of oxygen per minute and 2,400 litres every hour.

Medical oxygen is at least 82% pure oxygen and free from any contamination. In contrast, atmospheric air, what we breathe, contains various other gases with only 21% oxygen.

Many cities in India is facing acute shortage of oxygen due to the raging spike in coronavirus cases. Over 3 hundred thousand fresh cases were recorded in the past 24 hours in India.