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Dalit activist Bindu Ammini, first woman to enter Sabarimala, attacked in Kerala

Dalit activist Bindu Ammini was attacked in Kerala on Wednesday. Ammini said this was not the first attack and blamed Hindutva outfits for targeting her.

Ammini is the first woman to enter the Sabarimala Temple after it opened for women in 2018.

Ammini was assaulted by a man at the Kozhikode beach on Wednesday, and the viral videos of the incident showed a man hitting the activist as she defends herself against him, till another man in the vicinity pulls the assailant back.

The Kozhikode Police has registered a case on the basis of Bindu Ammini’s complaint, and have said that they are searching for the perpetrator after checking CCTV footage of the area.

She was admitted to hospital last month after a speeding autorickshaw hit her and she said RSS men were behind the attack. Bindu Ammini was provided with police security earlier but it was later withdrawn.

In November 2019, Ammini was attacked with chilli spray by a outside the Kochi Police Commissioner’s office. The attacker Sreenath, was the state coordinator of Hindu Helpline, a service started by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal.


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