Friday, May 24, 2024

Dalit youth killed for seeking wage in Bihar

A Dalit youth was killed in Nalanda district, Bihar, allegedly for demanding the 10kg rice promised to him for a day’s labour, The Telegraph reported.

Upendra Ravidas, 25, of Kundali village in Patna district had been missing since Sunday evening. According to the report, Ravidas was beaten, tied to bricks and thrown into a stream. The body was fished out at Bahadurpur, about 25km away, on Monday morning.

Prime accused Dinesh Mahto of Bahadurpur village is in hiding.

Dalit labourers, Ravidas and his brother-in-law Sikandar, worked on the farm of Dinesh Mahto on agreeing to 10kg rice as wage. Sikandar told Telegraph that they were asked to come after a few days but attacked then they reached the Mahto’s house.

Sikandar escaped the attack.

“I ran to save my life. Upendra was hit badly and could not run. I could see Dinesh and his men kicking and hitting him with sticks,” Sikandar told reporters. “I ran to the local Chandi police station so the officers could save him.”


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