Delhi HC halts AIIMS nurses union’s strike

“Patients interest must be above and beyond,” observed the Delhi High Court while asking the protesting nurses in All India Institute Of Medical Sciences New Delhi in to rejoin immediately to work.

The protestors from the nurses union were told to represent themself at 10 am Wednesday at the court.

The AIIMS nurses union called off their indefinite strike during the later part of Tuesday, due to the Delhi High Court’s intervention citing the plights of the admitted patients.

In an address to the media, the protesters from the union said that they are hopeful about taking the legal course of action. They said that they were asked to represent themself on Wednesday morning by the HC and would comply with the due process.

Reacting to the AIIMS administration’s decision to suspend their union leader Harish kajla, who was involved in protests that concerned the welfare of the nursing community, created an outrage amongst the workers leading to an indefinite strike in the early part of Tuesday.

Their central demands were to prioritize safety and working time related issues for nurses. With a vast section of nurses being out on campus, the Delhi AIIMS struggled in handling its patients.

Later, in the evening the Delhi HC intervened and asked the protesters to settle their issues in the court and put patients’ needs ‘above and beyond’.