Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Delhi reports India’s first monkeypox case in a woman

A Nigerian woman living in Delhi for over a month, tested positive for monkeypox Wednesday. This is the country’s first case in a woman, with other eight cases being detected in men so far.

The woman had no history of international travel in the last 21 days, according to Indian Express.

Across globe, the cases of monkeypox have been disproportionately reported among men.

“We’re seeing cases that are largely focused on men… There have been some cases reported in women and children, but these have been very limited,” said Andy Seale, an advisor on sexually transmitted infections at World Health Organisation.

This is the third Nigerian national to test positive for the infection in Delhi and there is no history of contact between the three Nigerians.

Meanwhile one more Nigerian suspected to have the infection admitted to Delhi’s nodal Lok Nayak hospital.

“All four persons have fever, typical rashes (similar to the ones seen in the first case from the city), ulcers in the mouth and thighs,” a doctor from Lok Nayak hospital, which was the only hospital designated for isolating confirmed and suspected cases of the infection till Tuesday, said to Indian Express.


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