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Delhi violence: Students and humanitarian groups reach to heal wounds and end starving

People fleeing to safer locations from Shiv Vihar. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla

After days of carnage in northeast Delhi which took nearly 50 lives, relief groups reach the riot-affected regions with food, medicine and supplies. Numerous groups and students from universities have started initiatives which are trying to the extent all forms of help to the victims. With houses burnt and shops shut, many people have already fleed the area to save themselves.

“The conditions are extremely grave in certain regions,” says Aasif Mujtaba, a student of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, who is involved in rehabilitation and relief work. Aasif along with a group of student from different universities are engaged in rescue and rehabilitation operations. They coordinate with police and local stakeholders to reach out to the most vulnerable locations

“ We are looking for all possible ways to reach out and help,” says Zeenia Parveen, one of the coordinators of JNU Coordination Camp. More than two lakh rupees have been received in cash within 48 hours in JNU camp. Volunteers accept food items and dress which is sorted and packed. 

The collection point of JNU Coordination camp to assist victims of Anti-Muslim riots Photo: Shaheen Abdulla

“ Many people have contributed very quickly, we are in contact with volunteering groups on the ground and prepared relief kits” Zeenia adds. 

Jamia Hamdard university students have been directly involved in providing medical assistance. Student groups are coordinating with each other to make the best effective work plan to reach immediately to the victims. 

Many civil groups have reached GTB hospital with large boxes of food and supplies to do their bit. Tents are set up outside Mortuary as many families have been waiting for days to receive the mortal remains of the deceased.

A delegation from Sikh community visiting Brijpur region. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla

Many interfaith groups have started to work on erasing the anger between the communities. Sikh groups are visiting the region and many gurudwaras are opened for people fleeing the worst-hit parts of violence.

Many advocacy groups and legal volunteers are engaged in filing compensation and other government schemes for the survivors.

erupted by the Citizenship law debate, many families have lost their identity proof due to arson. some locals accuse it was a deliberate attempt, following the pattern of Assam.

Amidst many criticisms, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday announced that Delhi government will give a compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the families of deceased and Rs 5 lakh will be given as compensation to the families of the minors who died in the Delhi violence. 

A boy looks into the trashed Autorickshaw at Shiv Vihar. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla

Civil groups have called out the cold feet response from the newly reelected AAP government in containing the violence and tackling the carnage which went for days. Many protests targetted Kejriwal for the lousy response on one of the bloodiest violence in decades. 


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