Saturday, December 2, 2023

Does Modi have anything to say about Najeeb? Fathima Nafees asks

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‘It has been a year since Najeeb Ahmed has gone missing from a prominent university here.’ Najeeb Ahmed’s mother, Fathima Nafees asks why the PM Modi has not spoken even a word about this incident. She was speaking in the CBI Headquarters march, while it has been one year since Najeeb has gone missing from JNU after he was beaten up by ABVP goons. Nafees also added that, Najeeb couldnot be found, even though three important agencies in the country has enquired the issue.

Sadaf , Najeeb’s sister who joined the march said that, a year has been we are waiting and asked if we will receive justice. We will fight till we find Najeeb, added she.

Hundreds of students on Friday staged a protest outside the Central Bureau of Investigation headquarters in New Delhi, demanding the justice for najeeb , Jawaharlal Nehru University student. The protestors included students from JNU, Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia University. Ahmad’s mother, Fatima Nafees, and his sister Sadaf also participated in the agitation.

Najeeb has been missing since october 15 last year after he was beaten up by ABVP members at his hostel on JNU Campus.

‘ It’s been almost 365 days since Najeeb’s disappearance. The case has been passed on from Delhi Police to an SIT to the CBI, where the case has now been filed since 2 months. But the investigation has not moved forward even by an inch.

We have protested in JNU, at Vasant Kunj police station, at the MHRD, at the Delhi Police headquarters in ITO, at India Gate in Delhi, in Najeeb’s hometown Badaun, even in Lucknow. We are protesting at the CBI headquarters right now. The number of protesters has also started dwindling.

There is no justice at all. On the contrary, Najeeb has been time and again been linked to the ISIS; it has been said that Najeeb has gone missing because he has joined the ISIS.

The ABVP assualters are roaming free and are further intimidating more students. Muslim students are now even scared to apply for studying in JNU.

We had anger once, but maybe even that has dissipated. Only hope remains.’ Heba Ahmed , research scholar from JNU posted on facebook.

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