Sunday, March 3, 2024

Gujarat: Hindu mob thrashes Muslim delivery boy

In a latest episode of anti-Muslim violence, a Muslim delivery boy was allegedly thrashed by Hindu men on Sunday evening at Khokhra Parishkar Bhavan, an apartment complex in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

21-year-old delivery boy, Anas Mohammad, accompanied by his supervisor at Delhivery courier service, was attacked after he revealed his Muslim identity.

According to Anas, they stopped at the security desk for direction to the delivery address but forgot to enter the visiters log. The security stopped them and started a brawl with Aman Singh.

“The guard started beating Singh but stopped upon learning his name. Then he turned at me demanded my name,” Anas told Maktoob.

“When I told him my name, ‘Anas’, he charged at me and pulled my hair and dragged me.”

Anas claims that when he screamed “Allah” out of pain, more people joined the security to attack him. “Saale yaha Allah nahi bolne ka” (don’t speak of Allah here) the Hindu mob shouted at him.

Speaking to Maktoob, Aman Singh Sisodia made similar claims.

“I said uncle, I respect your age, do not abuse me. But he hit me with a stick,” says Aman Singh. “When Anas intervened, he asked his name and upon hearing Anas, he called others and attacked him.”

“Tum Mulle log lookhageeri krte ho, Yaha Allah Allah nahi karne ka” — You Muslims always cause ruckus, don’t take Allah’s name here — Aman Singh heard the mob shouting at Anas.

Later Anas was rescued by some men but forced to sign an apology letter for entering the complex without making entry.

Amraiwadi police station have registered a First Investigation Report in Anas’s complaint naming four men.

According to FIR, accessed by Maktoob, Section 323 294(b) 114Ns 135(1) are charged against Anshul, Sushil, Naran Shankardas Patel and Ashok.


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