Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Dr. Kafeel Khan detained by UP police for examining kids in UP’s Bahraich Hospital

Dr. Kafeel Khan was detained by the Bahraich police in Uttar Pradesh after he examined the children admitted to the district hospital on Saturday.

The hospital was in the news recently after reports surfaced that over 70 children had died in 45 days due to a mysterious fever.

Khan who spoke to the parents of the admitted children rubbished the claims of a mysterious fever and said the symptoms were similar to those of encephalitis.

As soon as police came to know about the incident, they detained the doctor and took him to the Simbhauli Sugar Mill guesthouse.

“My brother Dr. Kafeel Khan has been illegally detained and is held inside the guesthouse of Simbhauli Sugar Mill. I have also been stopped from going inside the mill. My brother’s only crime is that he countered what the doctors here have been saying about a mysterious fever. According to him, the symptoms are quite similar to those of encephalitis,” Kafeel Khan’s brother Adeel Ahmad Khan told media.


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