Monday, December 11, 2023

Indian diaspora in 15 European cities protest against Delhi violence

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More than hundreds of people gathered in the demonstrations held in at least 15 major European cities, including Brussels, Geneva, Helsinki, Kraków, the Hague, Stockholm, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Glasgow and London against the anti-Muslim pogrom in northeast Delhi and discriminatory citizenship acts on Saturday.

Amid rain and strong winds, a large group of students, rights activists and diaspora group representatives across Europe stand together in simultaneous demonstrations against ‘the orchestrated violence that occurred in Delhi.’

Many Europeans also joined in support and expressed their horror at the atrocities being committed in India against it’s Muslims.

The protesters chanted slogans against ethnic violence and demanded the resignation of Home Minister Amit Shah, for gross failure to maintain peace, and the arrest of BJP politicians including Kapil Mishra for instigating anti-Muslim violence in Delhi.

“The Union Home Minister, Mr. Amit Shah, and Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s complacency were noticed throughout the duration of the violence sparking speculation about state collusion,” protesters said.

“As Indians abroad in Europe, we realize that it is our duty to draw international attention to the rising religious polarisation, and the communal fires being stoked by the ruling party and its ideology of Hindutva,” they added.

The diaspora who protest against Delhi violence also decided to support on-ground rehabilitation efforts in India’s national capital city.

In Berlin, protestors marched towards the Indian embassy raising Azadi slogans.

In Geneva, the demonstration ended on a note of hope. They recounted the bravery of those Indians who risked their lives to save neighbors and friends from the mob, the Indians who opened their places of worship to protect their fellow citizens, and the committed Civil Society organizations that were at the forefront of rescue operations, as well as rehabilitation.

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