Family member, journalist receive notices for protesting justice for Junaid, Nasir

Protests seeking justice for Junaid and Nasir, who were murdered by Hindutva men, have led to notices being served to family members of the deceased, a journalist who reported on the incident, and a dozen local residents in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur.

The Sub Divisional Magistrate issued the notices under section 107, which allows authorities to take preventive action against people likely to disturb public peace.

Jabir, a family member of Junaid, stated that the government should arrest Mohit alias Monu Manesar under section 302 if they are looking to apprehend someone in connection to the murders.

“A notice has been issued against me. I want to tell the government that if you have to arrest anyone regarding this murder, arrest Mohit alias Monu Manesar under section 302. He is the killer of my brother,” said Jabir.

Waseem Akram, editor of the local media outlet Justaaj, also received a notice and claimed that the intimidation of media personnel raises concerns over the health of democracy.

“I am continuously showing the coverage of this protest to the world. Today, media personnel are being intimidated from raising their voice, which is a threat to democracy,” Akram said to Maktoob.

The 12 individuals served notices are Haneef Maulana, Jabir Ghatmika, Mukhyar Ahmed, Fakruddin Master, Kamil, Waseem Akram, Nisar Ahmed, Asar Ahmed, Saddam Hussain, Chand, Rahees, and Saddam.