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‘Here They Dont Provide Degrees, They Give Punishments. The Great JNU’s Hindutva Morality! ‘ JNU Suspends 15 Students

Fifteen students of JNU have been framed guilty by JNU authorities to be punished for protesting against UGC Gazette notifications , massive seat cuts , viva voce discrimination of SC ST students and denial of deprivation points. Punishments ranges from expulsion , suspension upto four semesters to denial of degrees.

On 18th October 2017, I have received an email from chief proctor office mentioning that I along with 14 students are found guilty under different categories of indiscipline w.r.t a meeting that happened on Feb’ 27th and 28th 2017. Under category I and II (various clauses), they found six students (Me, Asif Kv, Anubhuti Sharma, Anubhuti Agnes Bara, Manmeet Randhawa and Dileep Yadav) as ‘guilty’ and only under category I (various clauses), they found eight students (Thallapelli Praveen, Dawa Sherpa, Aparajitha Raja, Shakeel Anjum, Mulayam Singh, Birendra Kumar, Sumeet Samos, Prashant Nihal) as ‘guilty’ and only under category II, Somaya as ‘guilty’. We all belong to different organizations (BAPSA, United OBC Forum, DSU and AISF) and many of them are not associated with any organization but worked day and night on their individual capacities in protecting the social justice, campus democracy in JNU.

Before starting the proctorial inquiry the administration filed FIR on many of us on the same incident. Both C.P office and Delhi Police work hand in hand when it comes to the witch-hunting student activists (mostly from the SC/ST/OBC/Minorities) on campus. Punishments for the above-mentioned categories are very serious in nature ( ) .For seeking an appointment and initiating a dialogue on the seat cut with the V.C, the admin’ criminalizes us. Wish, campus was named as J.N Central Jail. Here they dont provide degrees, they give punishments. The Great JNU’s Hindutva Morality! ” , Pallikonda Manikanta , one of the fifteen students wrote in facebook.


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