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Hindutva group disrupts Christmas celebrations in Karnataka school

A mob of 40 people belong to a Hindutva group disrupted Christmas celebrations in a school in Pandavapura town of Karnataka’s Mandya district on Thursday, 23 December.

In a video widely shared on social media, Hindutva activists could be seen shouting at teachers of the Nirmala English High School and College, asking them to stop the Christmas festivities.

The Hindutva men who stormed inside the convent school campus, alleged that the children were being brainwashed and accused the sisters of converting the children to Christianity by celebrating Christmas.

The Hindutva group behind the latest hate crime is the Hindu Jagarana Vedike.

In the video, the men objected to children wearing the Santa Claus dress and said, “Why should a thief, Santa Claus, give sweets to my children?”

This incident happened on the same day the draconian Karnataka Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill, 2021 was passed by the Karnataka Assembly.

There has been rising intolerance and attacks against Christians in Karnataka, by right-wing Hindu groups such as the Hindu Jagarana Vedike.

“The Hindutva activists said they will hang a photo of [Hindu deity] Saraswati in our institution and also ordered us to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi festival in the school premises,” Kanika Francis Mary, the headmistress of the school, told NDTV.

Meanwhile, a police officer at the Pandavapura Police Station told The News Minute that no complaint was filed, but they have warned the Hindutva group members based on the video.


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