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How can Modi forget Gujarat genocide after moving from Gujarat to Delhi, asks Stalin

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “strongman culture” jibe at Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), mk Stalin said the 2002 Gujarat genocide is still fresh in the minds of people.

DMK leader further said that just because Narendra Modi has moved to Delhi doesn’t mean people will forget 2002.

The BJP had established a record of its machinations and cruelty in 2002, Stalin said.

This week marked the 19th anniversary of Muslim genocide in Gujarat in 2002.

About 3000 Muslims are killed. Some 20,000 Muslim homes and businesses and 360 places of worship are destroyed, and roughly 150,000 people are displaced.

Strong evidence links the Narendra Modi administration in Gujarat to the carefully orchestrated anti-Muslim attacks. Hindu mobs had detailed lists of Muslim residents and businesses, and violence occurred within view of police stations. An independent media, Tehelka, used hidden cameras to capture some of the accused speaking openly of how the attacks had Modi’s blessings.

Speaking at the Ungal Thogudhiyil Stalin (Stalin in your constituency), the DMK’s poll outreach programme at Theevanur near Tindivanam, Stalin took strong exception to the PM attacking the DMK during his poll campaign in Coimbatore.

According to the DMK leader, PM Modi should abstain from being a motor mouth in making unfounded allegations against the DMK.

Stalin also asked whether the Prime Minister had forgotten the brutality unleashed against the farmers protesting against the three farm laws and also the unleashing of cruel action against those who protested the Citizenship Amendment Act.


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