“I eat beef, We have slaughterhouse, everybody takes a cow…” says Meghalaya BJP chief

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s Meghalaya unit chief Ernest Mawrie has said that there was no restriction on consuming beef in the state and that he too eats it.

There is no ban [on eating beef] in Meghalaya,” he told ANI news agency.

“It is the lifestyle of the people, no one can stop it. There is no such rule in India also. Some states have passed some acts. In Meghalaya, we have a slaughterhouse, everybody takes a cow or pig and brings it to the market. It could be a hygienic one. So the people they have the habit,” he said.

The BJP leader’s comments on cow slaughter and beef come days after the Hindutva group associated with the BJP in Haryana and Rajasthan killed two Muslim men after accusing them of cow slaughter.

Hundreds of Muslims were killed across India by so-called cow vigilante groups who were acknowledged and patronised by BJP and other Hindu nationalist groups.

Several BJP-ruled states have passed stringent laws to ban cow slaughter and hundreds of Muslim and Adivasi men are languishing in jails under these laws.