Thursday, June 13, 2024

I&B Ministry bans Malayalam news channel Mediaone TV

Pramod Raman sharing the news of the channel ban.

India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Monday suspended the telecast of Malayalam news television channel Mediaone TV citing “security concerns”. The news was shared by the channel’s editor Pramod Raman through a video uploaded on the channel’s social media handles.

“Union government is yet to disclose the details. MediaOne will initiate legal proceedings against the ban,” Raman conveyed in Malayalm in that video.

In 2020, Mediaone TV along with another Malayalam news channel Asianet was barred for 48 hours by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry for their coverage of Delhi pogrom.

Recently, one of the BJP panellists’ on the channel’s debate had threatened of “banning the channel.”

Activists and lawmakers from Kerala have condemned the action.

“Centre’s ban on MediaOne TV is highly reprehensible. This is the second time that the Central Government has imposed a ban on MediaOne TV. Yet another attempt to silence the political dissent through outright fascism. All people of India should unite against this tyranny,” tweeted Member of Parliament ET Mohammed Basheer.

Mediaone TV is one of the leading news channels in Malayalam, based in Calicut, north of Kerala.

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