Friday, May 24, 2024

“I’m happy. 9 heads will be pending…”: Karnataka Hindu seer on Muslim man’s murder

Rishikumar Swami of Kali Mutt in Karnataka, a serial offender, who have been repeatedly calling for Muslim genocide, Friday made a shocking hate speech, saying “if Mangaluru Muslim man Fazil’s murder is done by our people, we are happy.”

Muhammed Fazil, a 24 year old Muslim youth was brutally hacked to death in Dakshina Kannada’s Surathkal by a group of masked men merely two days after the killing of BJP leader Praveen Nettar.

Muslim groups alleged that the Hindu militant group RSS is behind the killing of Fazil.

“If that was (murder of Muhammed Fazil in Mangalore) done by our people, then I’m happy and 9 heads will be pending. There must be 10 heads against 1 head,” the Hindu seer told reporters.

He went on to say: “If police cannot encounter accused then give us the guns, we will show you how it’s done.”

Six month ago, Rishikumar Swami was arrested for giving a call to demolish the mosque of Srirangapatna town in Mandya district. He was later released on bail.

In March this year, the Hindutva man lead oath to boycott Muslim businesses in the state.

Swami who appeared in the first season of the television show Big Boss Kannada, has a notorious history as a troublemaker.

In March, Swami who was out on bail shared a stage with Pramod Muthalik, founder of the Sri Rama Sene and called for attacks on the Muslim community. “Our boy has been killed and because of this, Hindu society will bring 10 heads for this. This is not what I am saying, don’t make it a controversy. This is what Modi has said. What did he say at the border? If one is hit by a bullet, then fire 10 bullets. Why shouldn’t it happen in our town?,” Rishikumar said in a press interaction in the wake of killing of Bajrang Dal member Harsha Jingade in Shivamogga.


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