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In Pictures: “Need change, want to live peacefully,” say Ahmedabad voters

Ahmad Khan from Old Ahmedabad is not ready to reveal his political thoughts, but he wants change. Photo: Sahid Faris/Maktoob

Three days before Gujarat goes to the polls to elect Lok Sabha members, Maktoob’s Muhammed Noufal PM and Sahid Faris talked to the voters of Ahmedabad. While some say they support Narendra Modi because he is the strongest man, others say they need a change in government so they can live a peaceful life.

Manjeeb Bhai lives in the rubble of Gulbarga Society. He hopes for a better world. Photo: Sahid Faris/Maktoob
Salim Muhammed Shaikh, a survivor of the Naroda Patiya massacre, advocates for the Congress to be in power. He fears for his safety and believes that his family and his life would be safer under a Congress government, rather than if the BJP continues in power. Photo: Sahid Faris/Maktoob
Fathima Beevi, a victim and survivor of the Naroda Patiya massacre, seeks justice and a peaceful life for herself and her family. She believes that a change in government is necessary to achieve that. Photo: Sahid Faris/Maktoob
Mujahid Nafees anticipates a change in the country’s regime and predicts that the BJP will lose seats in Gujarat as part of a significant shift, rather than a fundamental change. Photo: Sahid Faris/Maktoob
Manoj, the owner of a juice shop in Ahmedabad’s Paldi, supports the BJP. He believes that there is no significant price hike or unemployment issue in the country. He also thinks that there is no prevalent hate in the country. Photo: Sahid Faris/Maktoob
Ikram Mirza, a social activist and businessman based in Ahmedabad, perceives a strong anti-incumbency sentiment among the people at both the state and national levels. Photo: Sahid Faris/Maktoob
Hareesh, a street vegetable vendor, supports Modi because he believes Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the strongest. Photo: Sahid Faris/Maktoob
Karan Arjun, a street vendor selling chena, supports Modi and believes that India is the strongest nation globally. He also contends that there is no unemployment or price hike issue in the country. Photo: Sahid Faris/Maktoob
Sahid Faris
Sahid Faris
Sahid Faris is a freelance journalist in Kerala.

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