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In Rampur, cops harass, beat Muslim voters to stop from going to poll booths

Rampur by polls in Uttar Pradesh took a hostile turn on the polling day, as it is alleged, that the police administration is causing mayhem, beating up and harassing Muslim voters to stop them from casting their votes. 

A video from Rampur has also gone viral wherein a Muslim woman is shouting about how the police are mercilessly beating up Muslims coming out of their houses and warning the rest not to step out. 

Maktoob contacted the Samajwadi candidate of MLA elections, Asim Raja, who said, “The situation is extreme. Police have captured the booths, and they’re not letting Muslims cast their votes.”

“There is special barricading in Muslim areas to hinder them from coming out of their house. They’re stopped at every nook and corner of the road, obstructing them from even reaching the polling booths. There’s been barely 8-10% polling from Muslim areas till now. The officials are making lame excuses by either saying it’s lunchtime or the polling machine is broken. All in all, the condition is bad,” Raja said.

The police are snatching away the voter cards of Muslim voters, abusing them, shouting at them, and even beating them up.

This is no election. This is robbery,” Asim Raja said.

For the last week in Rampur, rallies were held by the police administration requesting people to come out on the polling day and cast their votes, but it looks like everything was all for show, an obligation for the sake of the election commission and now the conditions have flipped today.

The Samajwadi Party has accused the saffron party BJP of sabotaging by polls to Rampur Sadar, Khatauli and Mainpuri parliamentary seat in Uttar Pradesh as voting is underway at 3,062 polling booths located in 1,945 polling centres.

Saher Hiba Khan
Saher Hiba Khan
Saher Hiba Khan is a freelance journalist based in New Delhi and she studies English literature at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

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