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“India, Its time to wake up. Today it is us, tomorrow it can be you”, says Shweta Sanjiv Bhatt

Following the sessions court’s order which sentenced Sanjiv Bhatt to Life Imprisonment for a crime, his wife Shwetha stressed on her husband’s innocence. She expressed her gratitude to all of those who have stood by Sanjiv as his pillar of support. “

Your words of support are comforting and encouraging, but words without action will amount to nothing. your support will mean nothing if you let such travesty of justice happen to a man who has done nothing but serve his country and his people diligently”. Wrote Shwetha on Sanjeev’s facebook wall.

She also questioned apathy of the IPS association. She said that one of their very own has been vindictively persecuted for being a true IPS officer and that they didn’t stand by him and didn’t protect him. Shwetha said that Sanjeev keeps fighting his battle against this vindictive government, and the question is that to what end is the association prepared to remain as silent spectators.
“We as a nation are going through an extremely dark phase. We shall continue fighting till our last breath, the only thing remaining to see is whether we will be fighting a lone fight? or will the people of this sovereign democracy fight for a man who never stopped fighting for them.” Shwetha added.

“It is strange that how a death which occurred after 18 days of being out of custody, without any indications of internal or external trauma or injury, a death which was examined and reported by the forensic medicine experts to have no indication of torture or grievance, was declared to be a homicidal death,” Shweta Bhatt wrote.

Shweta Bhatt said the sentencing was a “blatant example of vindictive persecution”. “Justice has not only been denied, but an innocent man has been persecuted for doing his duty with diligence,” she said, adding that they will challenge the sessions court order.


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