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Genocidal slogans raised at Kashmir Files screening

In a widely circulated video, a man is seen raising hate slogans against Muslims after the screening of the recently released controversial movie Kashmir files.

Anupam Kher starrer ‘Kashmir Files’ deals with the story of violence against Kashmiri pandits. Scholars and critics of Hindutva ideology has flagged the film for installing hatred towards Muslims.

The film has been widely endorsed by Hindu nationalist groups. Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, the movie was released on 11 March.

The man exhorted the audience to stop watching Bollywood movies, especially the movies of some prominent Muslim actors in the industry – Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Salman Khan.

He also accused the educated, cultivated people of destroying the Indian culture.

He said that the conflicts the movie has presented will one day also come to meet them in real life – “Mayawati, TMC will come to your house”

In another video, a youth urged caution to his Hindu brothers to be beware of the Muslims and keep distance from them, after watching the movie.

The movie has been given tax-free run in BJP run states of Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa and Tripura.

Raqib Hameed Naik, a journalist and editor stated in Twitter that ‘Kashmir Files’ has been “explicitly made to vilify Muslims in general and Kashmiri Muslims in particular.”

“The movie is doing exactly what it was meant to. Absolutely terrifying scenes playing out in theatres: murderous chants, hateful sloganeering, calls to stay away from Muslims etc. Sick,” Fatima Khan, a Delhi based Journalist shared retweeting the video.

Meanwhile, Congress’s Kerala unit twitter handle posted a thread on the movie with the hashtag #KashmirFilesvstruth on Sunday. It said “After the terrorist attacks, instead of providing Pandits security, BJP’s governor Jagmohan asked them to relocate to Jammu. A large number of Pandit families did not feel secure and left the valley in fear.”

Later, the tweets were deleted but the party came back with another thread of tweets, adding that it stood by its statements and accused the saffron camp over taking the comments out of context and drawing a hate bandwagon towards it.


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