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“It’s been 6 months and counting…”: Afreen Fatima on her father’s incarceration

Prominent Muslim student activist Afreen Fatima on Human Rights Day took to Twitter to raise her concerns about her jailed father Javed Mohammad, a Muslim activist in Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad.

“It has been 6 months since the unjust incarceration of Abbu. I can write about how brave he has been, anecdotes from his life. But none of it matters for we live in a state that is cruel and vicious. All that matters is that it’s been 6 months and counting,” read Afreen’s tweet on Human Rights Day.

Afreen’s father Mohammad Javed was arrested and their family house was bulldozed by the authorities in Uttar Pradesh, as an “act of vendetta” by the government for the protests over comments made against Prophet Muhammad by BJP leaders.

“Clearly, this is unjust. Muslims and other dissenters are being subjected to un-freedom and imprisonment simply bcz they resist ethnic, anti-Muslims policy & ideology of supremacist Hindutva masquerading as democracy,” reacting to Afreen’s tweet, prominent political anthropologist Irfan Ahmad said.

6 months ago, 57-year-old Javed, who is also leader of Welfare Party of India, was charged with rioting and the police soon declared him the “mastermind” of the protests in Allahabad.

Afreen’s family have been terming Javed’s arrest “unjust”, demanding his immediate release. Afreen Fatima had called the arrest of her father and bulldozing of her house “an act of vendetta against her family.”

Global and Indian rights groups have been demanding the immediate release of dozens of rights defenders and Muslim activists including Mohammad Javed.

Afreen Fatima who rose to prominence during historic protests led by Muslim groups to demand the repeal of CAA, is one of the top leaders of Fraternity Movement. She was elected president of the women’s college students’ union at the Aligarh Muslim University and was elected a councillor in the Jawaharlal Nehru University students’ union.


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