Wednesday, May 29, 2024

J&K students group condemns hate speeches linking Kashmir Files

Jammu and Kashmir Students Association has released a statement on Monday after rampant rise in hate speeches against Kashmir Muslims following the release of the controversial film ‘Kashmir Files’.

“In case of “unprovoked attempt at hate, physical, verbal abuse” aimed at students from Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir India, the onus will be on director of that “particular movie” besides and alongwith the promoter(s) and enabler(s) of such criminal activities,” reads the statement.

Anupam Kher starrer ‘Kashmir Files’ portrays the chronicle of violence against Kashmiri Pandits, criticised as “exaggerated”.

Scholars and critics of Hindutva ideology has flagged the film for installing hatred towards Muslims. The film has been widely endorsed by Hindu nationalist groups.

“the statement has been put out to take due consideration and serious note of distress calls recieevd from students of JKUT”

“JKSA condemns the attempts of distrust and discord that the “particular movie” has sown amongst masses”

“JKSA requests students to exhibit maximum restraint (if provoked) and immediately report such incidents to nearest police stations and immediate heads of departments/institutions”

Kashmir Files has been widely endorsed by multiple states, especially BJP run governments. The movie has been given tax-free run in BJP run states of Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa and Tripura.

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh even allowed a one day leave for police officers to watch the movie.

Human rights defenders and activists are concerned about the growing discord and hate spewed by the movie and the ultimate fallout.


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