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J&K students of AMU face sedition charges and targeted following Manan Wani’s murder in the valley

The students from Jammu and Kashmir in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) are facing threat of expulsion and fake sedition charges following the murder of Manan wani in Kashmiri valley. 1200 kashmiri students have decided to leave AMU if the fake charges on their fellow students are pursued by the police and administration.Sedition charges have been filed against two doctoral candidates of AMU, Mr. Waseem Ayoub Malik and Mr. Abdul Haseeb Mir. In an open letter to AMUTA, AMU Students and ALUMNI, the students of Kashmir has expressed deep concern and expect  legitimate responses from all the addressee.

Meanwhile , AMU on Tuesday revoked the suspension of two students from Jammu and Kashmir amidst the protest ,reported news agency ANI.

“The suspension has been revoked. We will also convey the report of our fact-finding team to the district administration so that they can take a call on quashing the FIR too. We have always said and we reiterate that no student will be victimised by the administration.” AMU PRO Omar Peerzada said.

“The imposition of sedition charges comes under district administration. We have requested the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and spare those who are innocent.” AMU vice-chancellor Tariq Mansoor told medias.

Read the open letter here by Kashmir Students of AMU to AMUTA, AMU Students and ALUMNI

We write to you as a matter of deep concern and expect a legitimate response from you. You all are aware of the news published in the Times of India on 14th Oct, 2018, stating, ‘1,200 Kashmiri students threaten to quit AMU en masse on Oct 17’, if the sedition charges, suspensions and show-cause notices issued to students involved in the events over the past two days were not withdrawn’.

The context is that after the Killing of Mannan Wani, a former doctoral student, in Kashmir, the situation was tense across the region, subsequently the colleges and universities in the state were closed and internet was snapped. The tense situation as reported in the media caused a serious concern among the Kashmiri students at Aligarh Muslim University. The students at the University in panic were discussing the situation emerging in the valley at the Kennedy Hall Lawn, and were peacefully talking among each other.

No prayers or any relevant activity was observed, and the directions of the AMU–Proctor were duly followed. Meanwhile, some non-Kashmiri people armed with Lathis attacked the sitting students and caused a massive disturbance, and noisy scenes. However, the Kashmiri students dispersed immediately and no protest or law and order violation took place. This has been confirmed by Registrar, AMU as well.

Later, a vilification campaign against the students from Jammu and Kashmir was started by media that Kashmiri students violated the law and disturbed the peace in the campus. Though nothing of that sort had happened and the same was later confirmed by PRO AMU to the media.

In this backdrop, the University has unfortunately suspended 2 students and issued show cause notice to 7 other Kashmiri students. We have got the information through media that IPC sections pertaining to rioting, rioting with dangerous weapons, Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc, provocation with intent to cause riot and 124A sedition have been charged on the two students, who were later suspended by the university. All these charges are absolutely false and have been levelled to challenge the peace at the campus and threaten the Kashmiri students. PRO, AMU Omer Peerzada has confirmed our stand and described the media allegations against Kashmiris students as False and also denied any news of Funeral Prayers at the Campus. (The, dated 13 October 2018).

In case, the suspension/show cause notices are not revoked immediately and sedition cases and relevant charges are not withdrawn, the students of Jammu and Kashmir at AMU will be forced to leave the campus en-masse on Sir Syed Day (17 Oct. 2018). The 1200 students will feel compelled to surrender the Degrees and leave for homes for reasons of safety and security. Kashmir students are living in a deep sense of fear at the campus after the false charges have been levelled. All the responsibility in that case will fall on the University and local administration.

We want everyone at AMU to support our cause, and get the FAKE sedition and other charges revoked. We request you all to speak against the Fake Charges. We ask you a question as HOW CAN SIR SYED DAY BE CELEBERATED WHEN 1200 STUDENTS ARE UNDER THREAT AND ARE LEAVING THE UNIVERSITY IN FEAR. COME AND SUPPORT OUR STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE.

Thank you in anticipation.
Yours Sincerely,
Students of Jammu and Kashmir, studying at AMU, Aligarh


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