Jamia Millia bans two students for organising Independence day event

Jamia Millia Islamia University administration, on Friday, imposed a ban on two NSUI student leaders for celebrating the nation’s 75th year of Independence inside the campus.

By a ‘disciplinary action’ taken by the Proctor office, NS Abdul Hameed, PhD scholar at Mass Communication department and BA political science second-year student Dibya Jyoti Tripathi are denied their entrance to the campus until August 15th.

Both Hameed and Tripathi are the cadres of the National Students Union of India (NSUI), the student wing of the Indian National Congress.

The students were banned after they spoke at the ‘Azadi Gaurav Sabha’ inside the campus, which is part of ‘Azad Gaurav Yatra’ — Congress’ nationwide independence day celebration, taking up the party’s role in the freedom struggle.

“Earlier on the day, our request to conduct the program inside the campus was denied straight away at the last moment. Our intention was only to collectively recite ‘saare jahaan se accha’ and exhibit some photos”, NS Abdul Hameed told Maktoob.

Instead, they were told to conduct any of such programs ‘even if it is patriotic’ in Jantar Mandir and they can ‘distribute sweets among students in the central canteen’ on that day.

“We decided there is no point in not conducting the program inside the campus. This movement has a strong connection with the formation of this University. So, I gave a speech holding the National Flag in my hand along with my friend. Initially, we had no such plans.

“Security stopped us in the middle of the program and we were brought to the Proctor Office. The deputy proctor approached us and shouted violently. He even said he will slap me if he wants to”, NS added.

According to Hameed, Tripathi was stopped from entering the campus, while no written order is shared with them.

Concerned by the vicious act, Lok Sabha Member TN Prathapan sent a complaint letter to the Minister of Education, Dharmendra Pradan, demanding stringent action against the proctorial officials for defaming the national spirit of 75 years of independence and the repeal of all the actions taken against the students.

“The university was established during the national movement to strengthen the interest of the independence struggle. How an administration of a university like this can demotivate their students when they want to celebrate independence. By the action against the student who led a celebration of the nation’s independence, the proctorial office has defamed the national interest and the spirit of independence celebrations.”, the compalint read.

Several student groups from the university have condemned the action and demanded to lift the ban imposed on the students.