Friday, December 8, 2023

JNU students offer a much apt reply to Kiran Rao’s short ‘change’ by actually empowering women

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Bollywood filmmaker Kiran Rao took social media by storm with her 10sec film ‘change’. Her life partner and actor Aamir Khan shared the short saying that Kiran showed him how to tell a story in 10 seconds through the film. The ten sec short, on the premise of addressing gender inequality at home, shows a little boy who received more amount of milk to drink than his little sister enacts change by giving out the excess milk to the little girl.

The short which portraits the little girl as a passive element at the receiving end of men’s generosity has prompted a bunch of JNU students to create their own 10 sec take on the issue.

Hashtagged #Friendly_Reply_to Aamir Khan and #Friendly_Reply_to_Kiran_Rao, the student’s short shows a little girl who has the same experience as the kids in Rao’s short takes the excess milk from the boy’s cup and both boy and girl end up happy.

While appreciating kiran’ s effort, the students pointed out that there was a better way to portray the issue of gender inequality. They emphasised that rather than glorifying the actions of men or in this case the little boy, one should empower the female characters. They described the video as their humble attempt to portray the everyday struggles and resistance by the women and girls. The short, which shows a more realistic approach towards the issue at hand, gives great emphasis on women’s agency and their resistance.

The ten sec short directed by Siddeeque Rasheed stars Mananya Virat and Naksh Virat. Noushad Mk handled cinematography.

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