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Junaid, Nasir were taken by Hindutva men to cops while still alive, Haryana Police ignored: Report

Rinku Saini, a taxi driver and member of the Hindu militant group who was arrested in connection with the brutal murder of two Muslim men in Rajasthan Junaid and Nasir, a day ago, has told investigators that they took the two Muslim men to the nearest police station in Haryana’s Firozpur Jhirka before killing them.

Saini said that the Hindutva group wanted Haryana Police to arrest Junaid and Nasir on charges of cow smuggling, but seeing the condition of the two half-dead Muslim men, the policemen at the station baulked and asked them to leave, reported NDTV.

25-year-old Nasir and 32-year-old Junaid alias Juna were attacked by a Hindu militant group of four men on Wednesday night in Haryana’s Nuh. They were beaten and injured severely in the attack. Minutes after leaving police station, Junaid and Nasir died from their injuries.

The Bajrang Dal members decide to take their Bolero SUV and both the bodies to Bhiwani, 200 km away. In the early morning of Thursday, both the bodies, along with the vehicle, were doused in petrol and set alight, NDTV quoted police sources as saying.

Saini reportedly said to Rajasthan Police that they hoped that no one would be able to trace the bodies and the burnt vehicle back to them if they burnt it there, far away from the scene of the crime. However, Junaid and Nasir were identified from the chassis number of the Bolero, the news channel reported.

Rajasthan Police is on the lookout for the rest of the killers. Besides Saini and Monu Manesar, the victim’s families have named three others – Anil, Srikant, and Lokesh Singhla.


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