Karnataka: Muslim student thrashed for wearing skullcap

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A Muslim student, Md Rehan (14) was brutally thrashed on Monday for wearing a skullcap while attending private tuition in Ilkal town of Bagalkot, Karnataka.

The ninth-grade student was attacked outside the tuition centre by Hindu boys after the tutor instigated them, alleges friends.

When some Muslim youth came to talk about this matter, the Muslim students allege that they were beaten up by more than 40-50 Sangh goons, in which 2 students were seriously injured.

“Rehan had gone for tuition after offering Namaz,” says Salim Malik, a student activist. “When he entered, his tutor was angered by wearing a skullcap and told him not to wear it”.

Recently there has been a surge in anti-Muslim hate crimes in Karnataka, ruled by Hindu Nationalist BJP government.

Malik says the tutor— Ashok B Hugar— had provoked the rest of the Hindu students by speaking against Rehan. When the tuition was over, they brutally thrashed him.

A video of Rehan bleeding from his nose has surfaced on the internet. Police have filed two FIR in connection with the attack, including a complaint from a Hindu group against Muslim youth who confronted them for attacking Rehan.

“Sahil, Sameer and Mohammed had gone to confront them for attacking Rehan. But dozens of Sangh Parivar members attacked them and later filed an FIR against them,” Malik told Maktoob.

Rehan’s parents have declined to speak on the situation.

The three Muslim youth are detained by police while they were in hospital due to serious injuries. Rehan’s friends also allege intimidation in the hospital.

“A person named Tangadagi Manju, during treatment in the hospital. Threatened not to name him in police complaint and said otherwise he would stab them”. Maktoob accessed the video where a man can be seen threatening the injured boys.

“About eight people beat up our friends during treatment in the government hospital”.

“We complained to the police, after which the police have taken all our three friends into custody by telling them a case of mutual dispute,” Malik added.