Right-wing handles malign Kashmiri girl who cleared UPSC exam

Nadia Beig, a 23-year-old Kashmiri from Kupwara District, who recently cleared the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination became a target of right-wing cyberbullies sharing screenshots of a fake Twitter account.

“On Twitter, they tweeted slurs and slangs against me; even on Quora they shared obscene remarks”, Beig told Maktoob. The civil service aspirant said she would file a complaint.

Beig, after cracking the highly competitive exam with a score of 350, was featured in news. The limelight triggered several rightwing Facebook and Twitter users, who flagged screenshots of a fake Twitter account which impersonated Beig.

The Twitter account ‘@Nadia_Beigh’ from which the alleged ‘anti-national’ contents were posted no longer exists.

The account’s previous name was @IndolentUser which was changed to @Nadia_Beigh to use as a tool for defamation, according to Alt news fact check report.

“My pictures were circulated on groups and an unknown person made a fake twitter account with one of the pictures and posted false statements,” explains Beig. “People made Youtube channels and said a lot of false and dishonourable things about me”.

Beig said, she has decided to report all the Youtube videos and the Quora content. But a vicious hate campaign against her is still in motion.

Zakaat Foundation of India (ZFI), which released a list of the selected candidates, was also subjected to abuses in social media.