Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Kashmiri artist detained, charged under PSA over ‘We are Palestine’ graffiti

The young Kashmiri artist Mudasir Gul has been charged under draconian PSA (Public Safety Act) by authorities for drawing art work in support of Palestine.

“My friend, the brilliant Kashmir artist Mudasir Gul has been charged under PSA (Public Safety Act) by Indian govt for drawing art work in support of Palestine,” tweeted political cartoonist Mir Suhail Qadri.


According to The Kashmir Walla, 32-year-old artist Mudasir Gul painted a face of a sobbing woman, wearing Palestine’s flag as the headscarf, and wrote “We Are Palestine” on top of a bridge in Padshahi Bagh, a neighbourhood in Kashmir’s capital city Srinagar.

Police targeted Gul a day after some youths stood near the graffiti, holding the flags of Palestine, and raised anti-Israel slogans.

The visuals of solidarity protest and graffiti were an instant hit in social media.

“The police took Mudasir out of his house and made him climb the bridge again. They asked him to rub his painting totally. Gul defaced the graffiti with patches of black paint,” Gul’s brother Badrul Islam told The Kashmir Walla.

The Kashmir Walla report says the police personnel detained at least seven more men, besides Mudasir Gul.


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