Thursday, June 13, 2024

Kashmiri students attacked following India’s loss to Pakistan in T20 World Cup

Multiple reports have been pouring in from Punjab that Kashmiri students were thrashed following India’s defeat to Pakistan in the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup on Sunday night. 

Kashmiri students at an engineering college in the Sangrur district of Punjab have reported that a mob of around 50 students had attacked them.

“The guards were present,” Amar (name changed), an engineering student at Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering and Technology from Kashmir told Maktoob.

“Around 50-60 students, mostly hailing from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar barged in, and started thrashing all of us mercilessly.”

Visuals emerging on social media suggests the rooms of Kashmiri students were vandalised by the mob.

As reports of the beatings began circulating on social media, several journalists and prominent citizens took to social media to warrant the attention of law enforcement agencies towards the incidents.

Pakistan’s victory by 10 wickets and 13 balls against India was followed by players congratulating each other.

“Even while we were calling people to help, the college administration or the police did nothing. Nobody picked up our phones. The mob beat all of us up, abused us, vandalized our rooms, and asked us to go to Pakistan.” another student said on condition of anonymity. 

Many Kashmiris are fans of the Pakistan cricket team. Visuals of Kashmiris celebrating the neighbour’s victory with firecrackers in Srinagar has angered many Hindu nationalists on social media.

Initial reports claim that four students have sustained injuries, however, students contest the number to be higher.

“Many of my juniors were attacked. More than 20. They are in their rooms right now, but we will not move an inch from here. Are we not Indians? Studying in India? We will go nowhere until action is taken against these hooligan students who attacked us.” Amar added.

The political tensions between India and Pakistan often spill over during matches. Kashmiri Muslims were not the only group targeted after India’s first loss to Pakistan in a World Cup encounter in 13 meetings. Many trolls took to social media to harass Indian speedster Mohd Shami, who had a forgetful outing in the field today. 

Indian trolls called him a Pakistani agent, abusing him and his family, and openly giving threats, merely hours after the Indian Cricket Team took a knee in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Pakistan Captain Babar Azam led by example as his team beat India in a World Cup match for the first time ever with a 10-wicket romp in a Super 12 blockbuster at the Twenty20 World Cup on Sunday, Reuters reported.


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