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KCR announces free COVID vaccination for all in Telangana

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has announced that it has decided to administer vaccinations for COVID-19 to the entire population in the State free of cost irrespective of age.

Telangana has a population of 4 crores, out of which 35 lakh people have been vaccinated for COVID-19 so far.

This vaccination drive would cost the State an approximate 2,500 Crore for exhaustive vaccination. However the CM said that, “the lives of people are far more precious than the money to be spent” in a statement released by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) on Saturday.

CM KCR has issued instructions to the Chief Secretary of the State and other concerned officials from the Medical and Health department on the procedure.

He also assured that there shall be no shortage of vaccines in the State as “Bharath Biotech is already producing vaccines. In addition to this, other Pharma/ Life Sciences companies such as Reddy Labs are coming forward to produce the same.”

Apart from the vaccination program for all, CM KCR stated that the government is taking all necessary steps to ensure availability of beds, supply of oxygen, and other medicines required for the treatment of COVID-19, including, Remdesivir.

“The government has also taken sanitisation drives on a large scale,” said the statement.

He also asked the people “to not gather in large numbers, take out processions, and step out only in case of emergencies.” He appealed to the people to not get “panicky”, and observe self-discipline to contain the spreading of the virus.

KCR’s statement also mentioned that the well-being of its people is important and that the government is doing everything it can to keep its people safe.

Almaas Masood
Almaas Masood
Almaas Masood is a visual artist and a student journalist from Hyderabad.

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