Monday, April 22, 2024

KCR releases video to back poaching charges against BJP

Telangana Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao released a video in a press conference of the BJP allegedly trying to poach his party MLAs.

TRS chief KCR was reacting to the incident that occurred on 26 October wherein TRS alleged that the BJP is attempting to poach the MLAs luring them with money and contracts.

He said that videos are being sent to Supreme Court judges as well as High Court judges in all states and Chief Ministers of other states.

“There is an hour-long video on buying MLAs. We are sending videos to all news, agencies and CMs in the country. The judges of the country, including the Supreme Court. Democracy should be protected in this country. I will send the video to all the judges in the country. I will also send the video to all central investigating agencies,” he said.

“Ramachandra Bharati, a broker met Tandoor MLA Rohit Reddy. Then Reddy complained to us and we took it to the home ministry. One cannot lose any more governments to the BJP,” he went on to say.

He accused Tushar Vellapalli, who contested on a BJP ticket in Kerala, of having spoken to TRS MLAs to assure them of the alleged defection deal.

CM warned that this is not a simple case.

He said that in these videos, the aspects of which the government has been overthrown in what manner have also been explained and if these unconstitutional forces are not stopped, it will be a danger to democracy.

“There are troubling situations in the country. Democracy is being killed in the country. I speak with great pain. I can’t believe that such evil can exist. Unemployment has increased. The value of the rupee has fallen. The BJP has destroyed the country in all fields.” “Elections come and go, but BJP is doing things that no one expected with its conspiracies to win every election,” KCR said.

In the Munugode by-elections they saw incidents that have never been seen before, said Rao.

“Elections come and go, but BJP is doing things that no one expected with its conspiracies to win every election,” he said.


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